SNOW PERFORMANCE Boost Cooler Stage 3 Ford Chevy Dodge

SNOW PERFORMANCE Boost Cooler Stage 3 Ford Chevy Dodge
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Product Description

Stage 3 Diesel Boost Cooler™

The Stage 3 Diesel Boost Coolers™ are the most comprehensive water-methanol injection kits Snow Performance makes. This controller senses not only manifold boost pressure but also exhaust gas temperatures. Using two inputs allows for the smoothest injection control. More importantly, it also keeps the EGTs as low as possible – if they begin to climb, even if the boost stays constant, the Stage 3 controller will read this and inject more water-methanol to compensate. The adjustments to the delivery on the fly are accomplished with two easy-to-use push buttons, allowing for more or less injection, or switching from both boost & EGT referenced injection (smoothest, best for towing and EGT control) to just boost referenced injection (most responsive, best for performance and racing). Now with Lifetime Warranty - please see details.

Kit includes:

• 150+ PSI High Volume Pump • 2 Quart Reservoir • Bulkhead Fitting • Digital Variable Controller • 3 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower • All Required Hardware Needed For Installation • Comprehensive Instructions

Fits most Ford, Chevy, and Dodge diesel trucks